Decal Vs Sticker

There's no absolute answer for this, as different people use the terms interchangeably to describe similar products but we differ in our strict definition. People often use the term 'sticker' or sometimes "iron on", to define a piece of paper, fabric or synthetic material which has a self-adhesive (sticky glue) on one side and a solid graphic that is printed or illustrated on the other side. These stickers or iron-on can be transferred onto apparels, team jerseys, using heat from regular household irons.


'Decal', on the other hand are super-thin single or multi-coloured polymers which are permanently 'transferred' to another fabric, material or medium. This is performed by using specialised heat transfer techniques where the temperature, pressure and the duration of heat transfer, as in our work, are digitally controlled, to protect our fabric, to give our transfers its impressive effect and for our decals to be permanently embossed onto our fabrics for a long lasting impact.

Ozz Vampo® Decal

We specialize in two (2) types of heat transfer decals:

Multi-Print (Code: PRT)

Multi-Print decal is made of PU material; suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage. Its application is most ideal for logo, label, sponsor and caption that is multi-coloured, graphical and illustrated.



Flex-Cut (Code: FLX) 

Flex-Cut decal is a high-quality and super-thin polymer. It is very durable and suitable for single-coloured artwork, designs and captions. Our Flex-Cut decal comes in many varieties and is categorized by:

(i) Primary Colors


(ii) Special Colors


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