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Decal Vs Sticker and our Warranty

There is no absolute answer to this, as different people use the terms interchangeably to describe similar products but we differ in our strict definition. People often use the term 'sticker' or sometimes "iron on", to define a piece of paper, fabric or synthetic material which has a self-adhesive (sticky glue) on one side and a solid graphic that is printed or illustrated on the other side. This iron-on can be transferred onto apparels, team jerseys, using heat from regular household irons.


'Decal', on the other hand, are super-thin single or multi-coloured polymers which are permanently 'transferred' to another fabric, material or medium. This is performed by using specialized heat transfer techniques where the temperature, pressure and the duration of heat transfer, as in our work, are digitally controlled, to protect our fabric, to give our transfers its impressive effect and for our decals to be permanently embossed onto our fabrics for a long-lasting impact.


For heat transfers of decals, Ozz Vampo utilizes The Hotronix® Fusion™, acknowledged in the industry as the world’s most technologically advanced and engineered commercial-grade and an industrial heat press. Amongst the features that we value, are:

  1. Its ability to distribute heat evenly across the decals and garment irrespective of the number of shirts and jerseys that we worked on. Its cast-in tubular heating element is warranted for life and critically prevents any cold spots on the heating platen.

  2. It is proven to withstand the pressure of our heavy daily use without deterioration in performance.

  3. The temperature and pressure exerted on the decals and fabric are as specified and always even. When it comes to large garment batches that have to be made, the temperature and pressure all round must be even for prolonged periods of operation.

These are among the features that enable our decals to be permanently embossed with a long-lasting impact. Amongst the reasons for pre-mature decal peel-off are the use of cheap unbranded machines over long periods of operation, having cold spots on the heat platen and the use of low-quality decal materials. 


Effective September 18th, 2018, we warrant our heat-pressed decals for 24 months. Terms and Conditions apply on fabric and decal care, as specified in each of our products offered. Purchased resits must be made available for all warranty claims. Be rest assured that we have been using the same or better quality material, the same industrial machine prior to the effective date.

Ozz Vampo® Decal

We specialize in various types of heat transfer decals:

Multi-Print (Code: PRT)

Multi-Print decal is made of PU material; suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage. Its application is most ideal for a logo, label, sponsor and caption that is multi-coloured, graphical and illustrated.



Flex-Cut (Code: FLX) 

Flex-Cut decal is a high-quality and super-thin polymer. It is very durable and suitable for single-coloured artwork, designs and captions. Our Flex-Cut decal comes in many varieties and is categorized by:

(i) Primary Colors


(ii) Special Colors


There are no products to list in this category.