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Custom Dodgeball Malaysia Jersey
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You can customise and personalise your jerseys, apparels, garments, scarves and related accessories by any one of the following five (5) services that we offer:.

T1;Work with us to customise your decals and we permanently decorate and transfer (or emboss) the decals onto your preferred ready-wear plain apparel, thereby transforming each into one-of-a-kind. Useful if you need good detailed multi-colour graphic design prints. Suitable for low to medium volume requirement. Delivery will be faster and this is the best option if you have a tight deadline.
T2;Customise and then permanently "absorb" your preferred designs into our performance Beat-Heat fabric, using our unique sublimation process and our superior fashion-quality KIIAN digital ink. Preferred by our customers due to the unique outstanding graphics, the vibrant colours and where we consistently lead, the quality of our tailoring.
T3;Use both  sublimation  and  decals  to  personalise and custom to your desire, giving a unique, hybrid, exquisite and combined effect.
T4;Customise your designs and then use the traditional screen-printing technique to transfer special ink onto tshirts and ready-wear, based on your preferred design. Your fabric choice can be cotton, microfibre or any blend. Suitable for very high quantity requirement, simple graphic design using few colour combinations. Advisable option if you have a relatively low unit cost budget but very fit for your purpose. Do order early to allow for the possibly longer delivery period due to the higher quantity involved.
T5;Use our embroidery services to customise your designs, captions, marks, logos etc on to plain ready-wears, tshirts, polos etc. The resulting output will be a close approximate of your designs due to the nature of embroidery works. It will turn apparels into your preferred custom-look.
Do allow for an estimated four (4) weeks production period for fully customised jerseys. We take pride in the Quality of our apparels and do not recommend rush jobs. However, contact us for a better estimate, as the production period depends on several factors including the quantities required and design work. The personalised designs can be your own or you can use our design services or combination of both, to come up with your preferred unique garment.
Each of the above customisation service has unique advantages to meet your customisation and personalisation needs.

Amongst your requirements can be your:

  • Dateline.
  • Specific budget.
  • Aesthetic preferences.
  • Design print resolution. In other words, do you get blurry or visibly sharper prints (with vibrant colors)? A high resolution print costs more but the result is bright, outstanding and intense colors. We always print in high resolutions unless the design specifies otherwise.
  • Tailoring quality consistency for the full set of custom quantities ordered.
  • One or multi-coloured prints.
  • Delivery period.
  • Bragging rights to a unique one-of-a-kind garment for fashion, sportswear or simply leisure.

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