The craft of embroidery dates back to 30,000 B.C. It is an art of decorating fabrics by stitching designs with a needle and yarn. In early civilization, this technique was a very popular way of decorating luxury textiles - the rich and powerful medieval Churches are known for owning huge amounts of embroided textiles which was mostly donated by the wealthy. It was also commissioned mainly for royalty's clothing.  


After the Industrial Revolution, embroidery is vastly used all over the world. Today, computers have brought in embroidery software with digitized patterns to finish a certain texture and designs in the clothing.


Embroidery is often used on caps, t-shirts, coats, blankets, denims, stockings and golf t-shirts. At present, our embroidery services is mainly for designs with company/ individual logo and names. Kindly show us your designs by walking into our shop or via email or Google Hangout and we will provide assistance on price and delivery date. 


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