Custom Dodgeball Malaysia Jersey
Custom Dodgeball Malaysia jersey ®
Our sublimation process will permanently absorb your custom design, sponsor-mark, logo, caption, tagline, name into our high quality Beat-Heat™  performance fabric and skillfully tailored to our chart size measurements. Tailoring quality is where we lead. There is virtually no limit to the size that you may customise, ranging from toddler, kids, adults, 3-XL to n-XL size.


Alternatively, for faster turnaround, you can choose apparels from our latest ready-wear collections or T-Shirts and then customise by decorating each with your preferred decal logos, sponsor-mark, names and numbers. These decals are "embossed" or transfered onto apparels or T-Shirt fabric by using our programmable state-of-the-art digital transfer equipment. It will ensure that the critical heat-transfer duration, temperature and pressure are applied to precision so as to preserve the original fine fabric quality and for the perfect printing, transfer and long lasting impact.


For sublimated fabrics, we utilise our Beat-Heat™ performance fabric, microfibre, 100% polyester, that are specifically manufactured according to export specifications. These fabric are reknowned for whisking away body perspiration and keeping you cool and dry at all times. We continuously ensure that our products are delivered to meet your custom requirements.

The best testimonies that we have, are our happy customers as posted at our website, Instagram and Facebook sites. We are forever thankful for all the support and encouragement given by our customers, followers and suppliers.